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Study programme of pre-Master's Medical Biology

There are various ways to do a pre-Master's in Medical Biology. Firstly, your pre-Master's curriculum depends on the specialisation that you intend to choose in the Master’s programme. You can find the programmes for each specialisation below. Secondly, the content and length of your programme may depend on your previous education. Alternative routes are also possible. Finishing a pre-Master's programme grants direct access to the Master’s programme.


  • Pre-Master's Human Biology

    The pre-Master's Human Biology prepares you for the Master's specialisation Human Biology. Courses include: Genomics in Health and Environment, R Programming, Molecular Principles and Development, Principles and Practice of Human Pathology, Immunology, Advanced Molecular Biology, and Medical Embryology.

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  • Pre-Master's Medical Epigenomics

    The pre-Master's Medical Epigenomics prepares you for the Master's specialisation Medical Epigenomics. Courses include: Genomics in Health and Environment, RNA Structure and Function, R Programming, Molecular Principles of Development, Molecular Basis of Disease, Functional Genomics, and Advanced Molecular Biology.

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  • Pre-Master's Neurobiology

    The pre-Master's Neurobiology prepares you for the Master's specialisation Neurobiology. Courses include: Neural Basis of Motor Control, R Programming, Neurodevelopment, Neurobiophysics, Neural Basis of Cognition and Perception, Cognitive Neuroimaging, and Neurons and Synapses.

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Hbo minor

As a hbo student of a comparable programme at a Dutch University of Applied Sciences, you can follow a minor programme of 30 EC. In your 3rd or 4rd year, you follow courses from the Biology Bachelor's programme. It is possible to take a hbo minor with a general orientation or focus on a specific topic. You can follow the minor in P1 and P2 or P3 and P4. More information about the hbo minors can be found on the Kies op Maat website.


Are you interested in following a pre-Master’s programme or a hbo minor in Medical Biology and do you have any questions about it, please contact the programme.