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Study Programme

The pre-master consists of eleven courses.

Eight of these courses examine the various aspects of the Orthodox traditions and are taught in English by the staff of St Irenaeus Orthodox Theological Institute, which is part of the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies. The three remaining courses are general courses of the faculty. 

Blended learning 

The eight specific courses are taught in an ‘blended learning’ format. This means that you do not have traditional lectures at the university, but rather videos which can be watched at home and assignments such as papers, posts in online discussions and presentations. These courses consist of eight modules of one week each and last the half of a semester. 

In addition to these asynchronous activities, each module contains also a weekly online session at 18:00 hours on either Wednesday or Thursday. 

At the end of the course there is a mandatory meeting on the university campus, at which you present the draft of your final paper. The dates of these meetings are: 20 October, 22 December, 15 March and 7 June. 

There is a kick-off meeting on Monday afternoon,4 September 2023. You will meet here also the minor students from Radboud and other universities with whom you study.


Additional challenge

Do you want an extra challenge during your studies? Do you find it interesting to think about current, social themes from different academic perspectives? Discover what the Radboud Honours Academy has to offer to achieve your maximum potential during your time as a student.