Erasmus+ grant

As an Erasmus+ student, you will receive an allowance for travel and the extra living expenses during your stay abroad. The amount of this Erasmus+ grant is nationally determined every year and linked to the country of destination.

The grant is calculated on the basis of the number of days you will be staying abroad for your study or internship. It is calculated from the first day through the last day that you have to be present at your host university or place of internship. The calculation is based on 30 days in a month, regardless of the month concerned.

The amounts of the grant are linked to the country you are going to, for example. There is also a difference between the amount for studies and that for internships.

Erasmus+ grant outside Europe

In exceptional cases, it's possible to receive an Erasmus+ grant for a destination outside Europe. When such an opportunity arises after you have applied for a stay abroad, we will get in touch with you.

Erasmus+ internship after graduation

Through Erasmus+, you can also do an international internship after you have graduated. This is only possible within the EU.

Eligible countries or regions
All EU/EEA countries
Duration of scholarship
A maximum of 12 months
Coverage of scholarship
Partial scholarship

In order to be eligible for an Erasmus+ grant, you must meet the following conditions:

  • You will use the grant to study abroad or to do an internship abroad. For both internship and study, a minimum of 2 months abroad is required.
  • You may not live in the same country as the one for your stay abroad. For example: students who live in Germany during their study programme at Radboud University are not eligible for an Erasmus+ grant in Germany.
  • You must be registered as a full-time student at Radboud University for the entire duration of the stay abroad. 
  • You have been admitted to and have started in the second or third study year (Bachelor) or Master's before the period abroad. This does not apply to internships (check the possibilities with your faculty's International Office).
  • You must have gained at least 60 ECTS before you submit the grant application.
  • You have not received an Erasmus+ grant for 12 months or longer during your bachelor programme. As a Master's student, you may also apply for a maximum of 12 months.
  • You have not applied for an Individual Travel Grant or any other EU grant for the same period as in your application for an Erasmus+ grant.
  • You take part in an online language test before you leave and at the end of your study abroad, unless the language of your host organisation is your native language, in which case you need not take the online test.
  • You submit all the required documents online.

How to apply

If you are a student and you want to go abroad for study or an internship with an Erasmus+ grant, apply to your faculty's International Office. They will tell you what steps to take.

If you are going abroad for an internship through the Faculty of Medical Sciences, selection is not applicable. In that case, you should submit your application through your OSIRIS account ('study abroad').

Faculties adhere to specific deadlines, so get in touch in plenty of time. In general, you should apply to your faculty's International Office at least six months before departure.