NL Scholarship (for current students)

The NL Scholarship, formerly known as Holland Scholarship, is a grant awarded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and 48 Dutch universities of applied science and universities. Radboud University also takes part in this programme. The grant is for students wishing to study outside the European Economic Region (EER). The EER consists of the EU, Lichtenstein, Iceland and Norway. 

Eligible countries or regions
All non-EU/non-EEA countries
Maximum financing
Coverage of scholarship
Partial scholarship
  • You are enrolled at Radboud University as a full-time bachelor or Master's student.
  • You're going to stay abroad for a period of at least 7 weeks for a study-exchange or internship and will obtain a minimum of (the equivalent to) 10 ECTS at your host organisation. For a study exchange this means that at most universities, you will have to take classes for a full semester. In addition, your faculty/study programme may require you to gain more ECTS during that semester.
  • During your current study cycle, you have not already received any NL Scholarship or Individual Travel Grant for studies, internship (medical) or research.
  • You have been selected for the NL Scholarship by Student Life and International Mobility
  • You have submitted  your online application and your Learning Agreement and Grant Agreement (fully completed and signed) to studentexchange [at] (studentexchange[at]ru[dot]nl) no later than two weeks before your exchange is due to start.


Amount of scholarship
2500 Euro

How to apply

Go to Osiris to apply for an exchange. You are automatically in the running for one of the NL Scholarships if your exchange is approved by your Faculty International Office and if you have been selected for an exchange at an institution which qualifies for a NL scholarship. 

Have you been selected by Student Life and International Mobilty for the NL Scholarship? Then you will automatically receive an email inviting you to complete an online grant application in May 2024.

After submitting the online grant application, there are a number of documents (filled in and signed) that you must submit, including a Learning Agreement. If there are any changes to your Learning Agreement later, you must submit a Change Form.


Budgeted costs

Use this template to fill in your budget for your application for your exchange in Osiris. Please fill it in on the basis of your expected income and expenses of the first choice of your destinations.

We recommend to take into account the Individual Travel Grant (max. €1200.-) rather than the NL Scholarship (€2500.-) because of the limited availability.  

Selection procedure

Please note that the number of grants is limited. You may be eligible to receive an Individual Travel Grant if you are not selected for a NL Scholarships.  If there is an Erasmus+ grant available for your specific destination outside Europe, than this will take precedence over both the NL Scholarship as well as the Individual Travel Grant. You will be contacted if this is the case for you.

Tummers Fund

For a number of students from the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies, the NL Scholarship is partly funded by the Tummers Fund. The Tummers Fund aims to encourage bachelor and master students of these faculties to choose a study or internship abroad and lower the threshold for staying in more expensive non-EU countries. Travel and accommodation costs should not be a major obstacle to spending time at the university of your dreams.



For questions please contact us on studentexchange [at] (studentexchange[at]ru[dot]nl).

If you have to return home because of circumstances beyond your control. please contact us on studentexchange [at] (studentexchange[at]ru[dot]nl).