Short stay grant

If you’re studying at the Nijmegen School of Management or the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies, or the Faculty of Arts or Faculty of Science and you’d like to go to summer or winter school or do a short course abroad, you could qualify for a reimbursement of your expenses. This amount will be partly reimbursed by the Radboud University Profiling Fund and partly reimbursed by your faculty.

Eligible countries or regions
All EU/EEA countries, All non-EU/non-EEA countries
Duration of scholarship
Five days to two weeks
Maximum financing
Coverage of scholarship
Partial scholarship
Faculty involved
Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies, Faculty of Arts, Nijmegen School of Management, Faculty of Science
  • You are enrolled as a full-time student at the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology, and Religious Studies, the Faculty of Arts, the Nijmegen School of Management or the Faculty of Science;
  • The duration of your study abroad placement is at least five consecutive days;
  • The study programme is being taught abroad;
  • You will receive study credits for this short study abroad placement;
  • You have not previously received a short stay grant;
  • Your date of departure is more than two weeks away.
Amount of scholarship
Short stay within Europe: maximum of €375 per week
Short stay outside of Europe: maximum of €500 per week

The amount of grant that you receive will be calculated on the basis of the number of days that you participate in the programme. You may receive reimbursement for a maximum of two weeks.

If you wish, an advance of 75% of your grant amount can be paid into your bank account. Please indicate this on the online form if this is what you would prefer. You will receive the rest of the grant after you have completed your study abroad placement, and you have submitted the last documents and satisfied all of the conditions. If you have not satisfied all of the conditions, you will need to repay the disbursed advance.

How to apply

  1. Start your application for a study abroad placement in your Osiris account. Once this application has been granted in full or part by your faculty’s International Office, you will automatically receive an email that contains further instructions for your grant application. 
  2. The email with further instructions for the grant application also contains a link to an online form. Complete the online form and then click ‘Submit’.
  3. Once you have submitted this online form, you will receive an email with the Grant Agreement and the Letter of Approval; you should receive this email after about one working day. You will then need to send the following documents to studentexchange [at] (studentexchange[at]ru[dot]nl) at least two weeks before the start of your student exchange:
    • The Grant Agreement, which should include your signature. Read this document carefully: it contains the conditions of your grant application.
    • A completed and signed Letter of Approval from your faculty’s International Office, which explains the relevance of the project to your studies.
  4. As soon as we have processed the documents, we will send you an email about your application and your potential grant. It may take approximately five working days for your documents to be processed.

How to complete your application

Once your study abroad placement has ended, we would like to receive the following documents within one month of the last day of your placement via studentexchange [at] (studentexchange[at]ru[dot]nl):

  • A certificate of participation
  • An online student report that includes photos from your time abroad. You will receive the link to this report via email a few weeks before the end of your placement.

If you are subsequently planning to go travelling, it is your responsibility to make sure that these documents are submitted on time. We will review your documents and, if you meet the conditions, we will transfer the remaining grant amount (if any) as soon as possible. You will receive an email once your payment has been settled.

Cutting short your short stay

If you need to cut short your study abroad placement due to exceptional circumstances, please contact us at the following email address: studentexchange [at] (studentexchange[at]ru[dot]nl).

A strict requirement of a grant application is that it must be submitted in full online at least two weeks before the applicant’s departure; the necessary documents will also need to have been sent to Student Life and International Mobility. If this requirement has not been met, you will not be eligible for the grant. If there is a particular reason for your late application, please let us know by sending an email to We will then discuss your situation and subsequently notify you about whether the deadline can be delayed.
Selection procedure

Applications will be processed in order of receipt. You will therefore need to make sure that you submit your application on time.


If you have any questions about the application procedure in Osiris and the selection procedure for the grant, please contact the International Office at your faculty.

  • Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies: internationaloffice [at] (internationaloffice[at]ftr[dot]ru[dot]nl)
  • Faculty of Arts:  internationaloffice [at] (internationaloffice[at]let[dot]ru[dot]nl)
  • Nijmegen School of Management: imo [at] (imo[at]fm[dot]ru[dot]nl)
  • Faculty of Science: io [at] (io[at]science[dot]ru[dot]nl)