Student accommodation in Nijmegen

If you are thinking about renting student accommodation in Nijmegen, we can certainly recommend it. When you rent accommodation it often means that you won't have to travel as far, you can do things your way and it makes it easier to meet new people. 

Nijmegen is a popular student city: in addition to Radboud University, there are also two universities of applied sciences. Nijmegen scores well when it comes to accessibility and safety, as well as cultural activities, nature and history. Below are some tips that you can follow for finding accommodation in Nijmegen. 

How can I find accommodation?

Let everyone know that you are looking for accommodation. Many students find accommodation through their social network. There are also other popular options for finding accommodation, such as:

  • Student Housing Association (SSH&)
  • Facebook and other websites
  • Commercial agencies

Please note: in recent years, lots of scammers have been active on non-commercial web sites like facebook groups. Never pay a 'mediation fee' (this is illegal in The Netherlands) or go for offers that simply are too good to be true, and be careful with landlords that ask you to send a copy of your ID.  

Are you an international student?

Radboud University has an accommodation service that is quite unique in the Netherlands. Almost all international students who come to Nijmegen and live abroad can request assistance from Radboud University in finding accommodation for their first year of study only and that room contract has a fixed end date

Please note: unfortunately due to a country-wide housing crisis, we cannot guarantee that we can find a room for all students. We are limited to the number of rooms we have on offer.

Due to this housing crisis it is also hard to find a room after the first year for the rest of your stay. We therefore strongly urge students to start looking for that second room early and use the full potential of their network while doing so.

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Many students find accommodation in Nijmegen through the Student Housing Association (SSH&). SSHN uses a lottery system, which gives you the chance of finding accommodation every week. Registration for accommodation seekers is free; you will only need to pay after you have found accommodation. You will require valid proof of your enrolment at Radboud University in order to participate in this lottery. Please note: you can only complete your enrolment at Radboud University and download your proof of enrolment after you have completed your previous education and this has been verified.

You will be given priority for accommodation if your total travel time from your home address to Nijmegen Central Station exceeds two hours. Due to the urgency of your travel situation, you will be allowed to apply for any accommodation that is offered, but you will be given priority for accommodation in the Vossenveld complex. 

Facebook and other websites

The change of occupants in a large proportion of student accommodation is achieved with the help of an open evening, where students come and view the accommodation. These accommodation advertisements are usually shared on Facebook. The following Facebook groups allow students to apply for accommodation free of charge:

If you cannot find anything on either of these sites, Kamernet may be an option. For this site, you will need to have a paid account to apply for the accommodation that is on offer. 

With these facebook groups and non-commercial web sites, please be aware of scammers.

Commercial agencies

You can also register with a commercial accommodation agency. But be careful, because the agency fees are usually quite high and the price of the accommodation on offer is often higher than normal.

I found some accommodation! What happens next?

If you have been offered accommodation, but you are having doubts about the price, the Huurcommissie [Rent Tribunal] can easily help you to calculate the maximum price of a certain type of accommodation. Visit De Consumentenbond [Consumer Association] to find out exactly what you will need to do before you move into rented accommodation.

If you would like more tips about living in Nijmegen, visit the IntoNijmegen website.

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