Two students biking in Nijmegen
Two students biking in Nijmegen

Studying in Nijmegen

Nijmegen has 46,000 students and over 21,000 students have found their home. Here, in the oldest city in the Netherlands, you immediately feel the lively student scene. Read more about what Nijmegen has to offer you!

Ready for your student life?

In Nijmegen, you will find over 225 student organisations. You have associations focusing on your studies, sports, socialising, religion, culture and much more. This way, you quickly get to know fellow students with whom you are guaranteed to have a great student time!

Student life in Nijmegen

The university is centrally located in Nijmegen with all buildings together on one green campus. Practical if you want to play sports, attend lectures and study in the library in one day.

Nijmegen is a big city with many amenities and large events, but has the atmosphere and cosiness of a village. You always bump into people you know in the city.

Living in Nijmegen

Nijmegen has been voted the Best Student Housing City 2022 in the Netherlands due to its relatively large amount of affordable rooms. The average room price in Nijmegen is €435 and the average room size is 17 m2 (source: Studiekeuze123). Although finding a room can still be a challenge, even in Nijmegen. We are here for you with tips to help you find a room.

Finding accommodation in Nijmegen

Students about Nijmegen

In this video, six students tell why they chose Nijmegen, what their first impression was and what their favourite hotspots of the city are.

What makes the city unique are its many cosy pubs and beautiful nature.
Foto van Stjin Bakker student Bestuurskunde
Stijn Student Read Stijn's story
Both the university and its surroundings make me feel safe.
Portretfoto Sofie Buesink
Sofie Student Read Sofie's story

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Financial matters

Studying and student life costs money. Think of tuition fees, but also study books, insurance and housing costs money. Some of this can be financed through study loans and grants.