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What makes the city unique are its many cosy pubs and beautiful nature.
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Stijn is studying Public Administration and shares his experience with studying in Nijmegen and everything that comes with it.

Why did you choose to study at Radboud University?

Because Nijmegen is a very nice city. In fact, it is possible to study public administration in several cities. What makes the city of Nijmegen unique are the many cosy pubs and the beautiful nature in and around the city.  Since I live here, I have in fact become a big fan of craft beer, as there are a number of pubs where they offer more than 200 types. Furthermore, the Nijmegen hills lend themselves very well to cycling on race bikes or mountain biking. In other Dutch cities, the surroundings are less beautiful for cycling, in my opinion.


Do you live in a room in Nijmegen and how do you like it?

Since I have been living in Nijmegen, I have my own room in the city centre. It is a room above a pub, but I am not bothered by the noise. I really like living with roommates, because you get to know each other's stories and can learn from them. It also gives a homely feeling to live with roommates, because you don't arrive in your home alone after a day of studying/working.


Are you in a study or student association and how do you like it / would you like it?

I was in a student association for a while. In the end, I didn't like it because it was difficult to combine with my work and studies. I am active at the study association, though. This gives me a lot of energy. I have been on several committees since my first year and this year we organised a career day with our committee. Through the study association, I noticed that it is also easier to understand the lessons. Without realising it, you already discuss the material with fellow students in an informal setting.


Did you find it easy to make friends at Radboud University?

For me, making friends was not a problem. I have been studying in Nijmegen since corona time and I also moved here. Since I came here from Groningen, I had no friends or acquaintances in Nijmegen. Nevertheless, I soon found my niche. In the first year, everyone wants to make new contacts and during the orientation week this usually happens automatically. I also made many friends through my side jobs and sports.


Do you have time for a side job alongside your studies, and if so, how many?

Yes, in addition to my studies, I have three side jobs. I work in a café, I tutor and I also work at the university. With my studies, it is quite doable to work alongside it, because there is a lot of freedom to schedule your own time.


How do you experience the atmosphere at Radboud University?

I experience the atmosphere at Radboud University as pleasant, because other students are quick to strike up a conversation with you. There is also a culture café on campus. The fact that this café is here shows that many people find socialising important at the university. Furthermore, it is a place where you can and may express your opinion.


What would you recommend to your younger self who just started his studies?

For me, it has always been difficult to stick to my planning. Not making the assignments once is not a big deal to me. Still, these assignments are there for a reason, which is why I would like to make them more often. This saves a lot of catching up at the end of the period when tests are due.


What are your tips for prospective students?

Studying is a time when you can discover yourself. Above all, enjoy your student time very much and do something you would never do before. At this age, it is quite normal to make mistakes and you learn from them. If you make the mistakes now, you will not make them again later during your profession. I always ask myself the question: what do I like and what consequences are associated with it?

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