Step-by-step guide Career Central for employers

This page provides step-by-step instructions for using Career Central for Employers. Here you will find detailed information about creating a company profile, posting vacancies and the associated costs.


  1. 1. Check if your company fits Career Central

    The purpose of Career Central is to connect (former) students and interested employers. To sign up as an employer on Career Central, you first need to verify if your company aligns with the intended audience:

    • Are you looking for Radboud talent for open job vacancies and/or internships within your own company? Then you are welcome on Career Central.
    • Do you mediate in jobs for other companies? In that case, Career Central is not the right platform, and unfortunately, we cannot process your application at this time.

    To prevent duplication on the platform, we use Chamber of Commerce (KVK) numbers. If your organization doesn't have a KVK number or it's not available, please contact Career Central at career.central [at] (career[dot]central[at]ru[dot]nl).

  2. 2. Request a company profile

    1. Request a company profile at using the 'request sign up' button.
    2. Please be patient. Your request will be reviewed by one of our staff members. You will receive feedback within two working days.
    3. Upon approval, you'll receive a confirmation email with your login credentials. If you haven't received a confirmation email within this timeframe, please check your spam inbox.
    4. You can log in using the credentials from the confirmation email. Don't forget to change the password after logging in.
  3. 3. Complete your profile

    1. Fill in your profile with a short description and a slogan.
    2. Add URLs to your website and social media pages.
    3. Complete your profile with photos that represent your company.
  4. 4. Post a job vacancy

    Is your profile complete? Then it's time to post your first job vacancy.

    1. After logging in, click on '+ job offer'.
    2. Fill in all details about the position.
    3. Enter all requirements for the position (such as field of study, level, language, skills, and knowledge).
    4. Check the preview of the vacancy to see how it will appear to students.
    5. After approval, you can publish the vacancy by paying 1 credit worth €50.

    After publishing, the matching process begins. All students who match the requirements you've specified (filled in at step 3) will see the vacancy. If interested, they can respond to the vacancy.

  5. 5. Find a match

    Candidates will discover your vacancy through their personal list of matched vacancies. You don't need to do anything here. You can also invite candidates to apply yourself. Here's how it works:

    Inviting candidates to apply

    1. Under the 'recruitment' section, select the title of your posted vacancy. Here, you'll find the candidates under 'candidates' and the applications under 'interviewees'.
    2. Click on a candidate's title to discover relevant information about them (education, work experience, languages, knowledge, and skills).
    3. Invite suitable candidates to apply by checking 'invite to apply' and clicking the 'invite' button.

    Inviting applicant for interview

    If a candidate decides to apply, you'll receive a notification. You can also find the applicant under 'interviewee' in the 'recruitment' section.

    1. If the applicant is suitable, invite them by scheduling an appointment. The applicant can then confirm or propose an alternative time.
    2. Only after confirmation of the appointment you will gain access to the complete profile and can also contact them via chat.

Get more from Career Central with the tips below


1. Allow colleagues to use your company profile

  • You can add colleagues to your profile through 'manage employees' and the '+ new employees' button. In this menu, you can specify which functions your employees can perform, such as posting vacancies or selecting candidates.
  • You can also add employees who have studied at Radboud University via the '+ Nxus alumni' button. Enter the email address associated with the alumnus's profile on Career Central. By linking alumni employees to your profile, they can transfer credits, allowing you to post vacancies for free.

2. Post free vacancies through alumni

  • On Career Central, you can pay with credits (worth 50 euros excluding VAT). These credits can be earned by employees who have studied at Radboud University. They receive one credit as a gift each year.
  • Additionally, they can earn extra credits by giving a lecture, for example. These earned credits are assigned to their alumni profile and can then be added to the company profile by the respective employee adding them to your profile.