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The Radboud Radio Lab (RLL) was established in October 2015. It is dedicated to support the instrument development for all the astronomical projects in the Department of Astrophysics of the Radboud University, by providing manpower and facilities in a state-of-the-art laboratory at the Faculty of Science. 

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Unique expertise

The unique expertise of the RRL team allows them to operate on the boundary between science and industry, providing an interface between astronomers and engineers. The involvement of the RRL starts from the early science definition, proposal, concept and bread-boarding phase to the design- and prototype phase. When building the instrument hardware, the RRL seeks collaboration with expert institutional or industry partners in the early stages of the project. The RRL can lead all these activities, and deliver and commission the fully tested instrument on site.

The RRL actively seeks the collaboration with external partners, acts as liaison and has established working relations for the different groups at the Department of Astrophysics with institutions such as for instance ESA, ESO, SRON, and ASTRON, and industry partners in the Netherlands such as ISIS, Inspiro, S&T, TNO, ATG Europe. In addition to bringing technical and scientific expertise, the RRL can manage funding applications by bringing together the right partners and finding the funding schemes.


More information? Please get in touch with the managing director of Radboud Radio Lab: Marc Klein Wolt.

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