Submission Crazy Arts Challenges via website

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Congrats, you completed a challenge! Through this form, you can submit one picture for each challenge. Videos should be sent via SurfFileSender to: Always make sure to include the name of the team captain and the team name.
Hereby me and my team members give permission for my submission to be published on the social media accounts of the Faculty of Arts
Non-team members are clearly visible on the submission and are okay with being published
One file only.
20 MB limit.

Statement General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR/AVG)

I understand that Radboud University wishes to publish a number of original submissions every month until December 2023 on the social media channels (Instagram and Facebook) of the Marketing and Communications Department of the Faculty of Arts. I give permission for the possible publication of submitted images in which I am recognisably portrayed in monthly overviews on the Instagram and Facebook accounts of the Marketing and Communications Department of the Faculty of Arts. This applies to all pictures and/or videos submitted during the year.

If I or my team would not like to see a particular submission published, I explicitly indicate this when submitting the photo or video. If non-team members are in the photo and they do not want the photo published, I will indicate this as well. In addition, I am aware that I have several options to submit my photos and videos (website form, Instagram, WhatsApp).

When I choose to do this through Instagram and WhatsApp, I am also aware that I am responsible for any privacy risks myself (tips to protect your privacy on Instagram and the WhatsApp privacy policy).

When I share videos via SurfFileSender understand that Radboud University can guarantee that the videos and my privacy will be handled with care. The footage will be stored in the workgroup folder of the Marketing and Communications Department until December 2023. I can withdraw my consent by sending an email to: The privacy statement of Radboud University applies here.
GDPR/AVG statement