Frank Leoné on speaking out

Frank Leoné
Personal leadership is a power for collective change.
Frank Leoné

Frank Leoné, University Lecturer in Artificial Intelligence, talks about his personal experience with personal leadership.

“I've always found it important that everyone can speak out at work. This is because I believe that a culture of accountability contributes to a learning organisation. However, in practice, it's not always easy, especially if you call someone to account who is hierarchically your superior. I recently found myself in precisely this situation and I missed the support, leadership, and safety I needed from the organisation. In my opinion, Radboud University still has a lot to learn in this respect. What helped me at the time was the support I received from my colleagues. My message is therefore: seek out your colleagues, and join forces to speak up about what you find important. This helps to turn personal leadership into more than just a euphemism for lack of leadership elsewhere in the organisation, instead making it into a power for collective change.”