Frequently asked questions Travel and remote work allowance

I made a mistake in my claim. Can I delete the claim?
To fix the error, you don't have to delete anything. If the claim has not yet been sent, you can edit the claim and re-save and send the correct version. 
If the claim has already been sent, it must be rejected before you can make any changes. If you want to speed up this process, you can e-mail a rejection request to sa [at]

I want to retract my claim. Can the claim be deleted?
You can delete a claim that has yet to be sent and/or approved. Any claim that has been sent or approved, can only be edited.

I want to create a new claim for a month for which I have already submitted a claim. Is that possible?
No, you cannot create a new one. You can edit the claim that was submitted and approved in that month to reflect the correct situation of that month and then resubmit everything.

How can I see if my claim has been approved/rejected?
In Bass, you can see the status of your claims in the claim overview. As soon as the claim has been approved, this will be indicated in this overview.

My claim has been rejected. What should I do?
The rejected claim is always accompanied by a text explaining why it was rejected. Open the claim and read what’s wrong in the accompanying text. Edit the claim and resubmit it.

How can I see when my claim will be paid out?
In Bass, you can see the status of your claims in the claim overview. As soon as the claim is processed by the payroll administration, the month in which the payment is earmarked is displayed in the corresponding column.

Can I submit multiple months at once?
You need to complete and send a claim for each month.

I have two different contracts (job positions) at the university. Can I submit expense claims for both job positions?
It is possible to submit expense claims for different job positions. However, it is not possible to submit claims for the same day for two job positions as this would mean that it would be possible to submit duplicate travel-expense claims. If someone works from home as well as on campus on one day, then the best thing to do is to submit the most favourable claim.

Will I get less travel allowance now?
The monthly amount has been converted back to a daily amount with 214 working days per year (on a full time basis). The number of 214 days is the total number of working days per year (5 days per week) minus holidays and the average number of public holidays and sick days per year. The number of 214 working days per year is also used by the tax authorities. Because the monthly amount is calculated back to a daily amount by dividing it by 214 working days per year, the daily amount is higher than when the monthly amount would be calculated over 260 days per year. During holidays you will not get a travel allowance, but because the daily amount is higher than before, you will get the same on average over the year.

Can I submit a claim for travel allowance or remote work allowance for the days I am sick or on leave?
No, you can only submit a claim for a travel allowance and remote work allowance if you have also worked on that day.

How are the kms calculated? How is the commuting distance calculated?
The commuting distance is calculated in Bass using the postcode table from home to the 6525 HR postcode . The ANWB route planner (option 'shortest distance') gives you an approximation of this distance from home to work.

I travel 1st class. How can I declare my costs?
If an agreement has been made with you that the costs of 1st class travel will be reimbursed, you may claim your 1st class costs. If you do not have such an agreement, you may only claim the costs for 2nd class travel. You will need to look up these costs yourself with the public transport operator and enclose proof of this + proof of 1st class travel.

Why do I need to include the receipts/a transaction overview/personal travel ticket when claiming travel expenses for trips on public transport?
This has to do with rules set by the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration (Belastingdienst). It must be clear that this is a reimbursement not subject to taxation, meaning a tax-free reimbursement and not wages. The receipts make it clear that the expenses incurred were advances and that it actually relates to expenses for public transport.

Can I claim my public transport costs at a later date than my remote workdays?
Yes, that is possible. You can edit a month’s approved claim and add your public transport costs + attachment.

Can I enter my travel and remote work allowance claim in BASS in advance?
Yes, you can pre-enter your travel days and remote work days throughout the month, and you can then send the claim from the first of the following month.

I want to supplement my travel costs in the options model, but I am unable to do so.
You can only supplement the travel allowance in the options model if you have ticked your travel days in the declarations ‘travel expenses for commuting and remote work allowance’. If you have not checked any travel days, you cannot add anything.

I have claimed my travel days in BASS, and they have been approved. When I want to supplement my travel expenses in the selection model, I still see the amount that was there before I completed the claim in BASS. How is this possible?
The amount that you can supplement in the selection model is only updated after the payment of wages for that month. This means that you can only request the supplement after you have received your wages for the month of the declaration.

Can I claim for Saturday, Sunday and public holidays?
If you travelled to work at the weekend or on a public holiday, you may tick these days as travel days. The remote work allowance does not apply at weekends or public holidays.

How can I claim both my public transport subscription and my costs incurred outside my subscription?
You can add up and claim the costs of your subscription and the costs incurred outside your subscription for each month. Be sure to do this in the month to which the costs relate.

How long do I have to submit my claim?
The claim must be submitted within 3 months after the month to which it relates has ended.

I have an on-call contract. How can I claim my travel costs and/or remote work allowance?
The daily amounts stated in the Travel and Moving Expenses Scheme apply to on-call workers and student assistants. They claim travel expenses at the same time as claiming hours worked.  
The remote work allowance does not apply to on-call workers, student assistants, students, freelancers and other employees without employment contracts, including scholarship PhD candidates.

Can I claim expenses for both personal transport and public transport?
As of January 2022, when you declare your commuting/work from home expenses, you can now choose between declaring travel expenses for public transport and private transport. If you still use your own means of transport, you will still receive the daily allowance based on the Travel and Moving Expenses Scheme. Different amounts apply for bicycles and other means of personal transport (basic allowance).

Can I include travel expenses addition mid-year or only at the end of the year in the Selection Model?
Both are possible. Each month, the maximum amount that can be claimed is added.

How is the amount calculated in the selection model?
In the selection Model, it is possible to supplement your travel allowance up to €0.23 per kilometre. This is only possible if you have travelled to campus for work, you have entered this claim for commuting expenses in BASS and it has since been processed by the Payroll Department. Even if you do not receive any travel expenses at all, because you live at a distance of less than 11 km and do not travel by bike, and you want to claim travel expenses via the Choice Model, you must enter the days travelled in BASS.

Will I automatically be reimbursed 75% of public transport costs or do I have to calculate this myself?
You enter 100% of the public transport costs in BASS. The system itself converts this to 75% if this applies to you.

Is it permissible to take out a season ticket now that it costs more than single journeys?
No, you will only be reimbursed for your subscription costs if this causes your total travel costs to be reduced. Contact TC&O Mobydesk for tailored advice. Go to: and log in with username: runi and password: keizernijm. Here, you can create an account and request the customised advice via the 'Subscribe Yourself' button.

Is it allowed to take private trips with a subscription too?
Yes, as long as you meet the conditions that your subscription reduces total work travel costs.

I travelled to a location other than the RU for work. Can I include these costs here as well?
No, here you can only claim travel costs for travel from your home address to the RU. If you have to travel to another location for work, these are business trips. You can enter these costs in BASS under 'Submit expense claims'.