equipment hfml felix
equipment hfml felix

Users & Partners of HFML-FELIX

At HFML-FELIX we take pride in the vast network of external users, private partners, and scientific coalitions we partner up and collaborate with. Building these connections is an integral part of our organization, as we believe that working together is the way to progress and ultimately beneficial for everyone.

External Users

HFML-FELIX's unique instrumentation enables researchers to study the fundamental properties of (new) materials, unravel chemical processes, and identify molecules in complex mixtures, making it a highly-demanded user facility yearly welcoming more than several hundred researchers from all over the world. 

External users from both industrial and academic backgrounds are welcome to use the advanced equipment and setups we have to offer, albeit under certain conditions. Academic users can apply twice a year by submitting a research proposal evaluated most importantly on scientific merit by and external Programme Advisory Committee. If you are granted access, you can use the installation and receive support from our staff in preparation of and during the experimental campaign.

For more information on academic use, read the 'Use our facility' page. 

Use our facility 

Private partners

The combination of our laboratory's infrastructure with our experience and expertise also makes HFML-FELIX a valuable partner for industrial users interested in any of the following:

  • Optimizing your products
  • Creating new innovations and applications
  • Achieve a better understanding of scientific processes
  • Exploring new research directions 

Work with us

We are keen to work with your company. When we join efforts, exchange knowledge and stimulate innovation together, the odds of finding solutions for societal challenges increase significantly. Partnering up with HFML-FELIX can be done through:

  1. Collaboration on a research project and applying for a joint (European) grant
  2. The use of our equipment and expertise, either free of charge or in exchange for a fee*
  3. Supplying your expertise for the development of cutting-edge technology. As we always aspire to advance the instrumentation used in our ground-breaking research, we work together with companies to develop new technologies and equipment

*Use can be free of charge when combined with a research proposal of which the results will be published open-access. In other cases, we provide the possibility to directly buy experimental time with our equipment. 

Contact our business liaison

Our facility is well-suited to assist companies in the advancement of their R&D program across a range of sectors, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and engineering. A well-known company, like Janssen Pharmaceutical, already makes use of this opportunity. 

Interested in joining them and working with HFML-FELIX? Contact business liaison for more information or announce your interest via the button below.

hfml-felix [at] (Yes, I want to work with HFML-FELIX)

International Network & Partners

HFML-FELIX is part of a vast international network of researchers, institutions and partnerships. We are therefore connected to a myriad of instances, which you'll find in the overview below.