Use the HFML-FELIX facilities

External researchers can use all the unique equipment and setups we have to offer. For your visit, you can also request support from our staff and are given the option to rent one of our guest houses for the duration of your stay. 

For scientific use

Twice a year, researchers can apply for either magnet time, FEL beam time or a combination thereof. If you are granted access, you can use the installation and all available auxiliary equipment. Research is conducted free of charge and guest researchers can receive support from our scientific and technical staff. Our secretariat can help with local arrangements (accommodation, visa, travel, etc.). In exchange, all obtained results will be made available to the public in the open-access scientific literature and presented at scientific conferences and meetings.

The deadlines for submitting a proposal are 15 May and 15 November. 

I want to use high-field magnets

Applying for magnet time is done through the European Magnet Field Laboratory website. Working closely together with the other three high-field magnet labs in Europe has led to one shared application process for researchers interested in using our facilities. Visit the website for the application form and more information.

Click the button below for a detailed overview of our equipment and specifications.

HFML - Overview and specifications

I want to use free-electron lasers

Applying for beam time is done by submitting your proposal through the FELIX proposal submission system. The proposals are evaluated by a Program Advisory Committee (PAC), which advises the HFML-FELIX management. Evaluation criteria are scientific soundness, interest and novelty and a well-reasoned need to use our unique facilities. Before submitting, please read the short guideline and download the FELIX proposal template.

Click the button below for a more detailed overview of our equipment and specifications.

FELIX - Overview and specifications

I want to use a combination of both

Applying for combined time with the FELIX lasers and HFML magnets is slightly more complex. Proposals have to be more detailed as not all experiments are feasible and using the installation is costly and complicated. Also, they should clarify why it is important that the desired experiment be performed at our facility.

Contact Hans Engelkamp before submitting an application for combined time to receive more information and increase your chance of success.

Guesthouse Sterrenbosch
Campus guesthouses


HFML-FELIX currently has three completely furnished guesthouses which we appoint to users, based on availability. Two of these guesthouses are situated on campus, near our laboratory. The other, larger one is located near the city centre, alongside the river (Waalkade). 

Campus Guesthouses

The campus guesthouses near our laboratory form part of a larger residential complex named Sterrenbosch. This complex is located on the Platolaan, about a two-minute walk from the HFML-FELIX facility. These guesthouses each offer one bedroom. On the campus map, you can find the exact location on the campus. Nr. 22 is HFML-FELIX, nr. 16 is Sterrenbosch.

Learn more about the Campus Guesthouses

City Guesthouse

The city guesthouse near Nijmegen centre consists of three bedrooms in a relatively large apartment. This apartment building is located on the Streenstraat, alongside the Waalkade and about a two-minute walk from the city centre. Each of the three bedrooms is used as a separate guest accommodation. 

Learn more about the City Guesthouse


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