The Institute for Mathemathics, Astrophysics and Particle Physics employs on average 45 PhD candidates. All research departments of Astrophysics, High Energy Physics and Mathematics have room for their own PhD candidates.

PhD opportunities

The institute is committed to provide excellent supervision and support to each candidate. To ensure this, we have PhD coordinators who can be contacted for PhD related matters: Rens Waters (Astrophyics), Cristina Galea and Timothy Budd (High Energy Physics), and Maarten Solleveld (Mathematics).

Graduate schools

Astrophysics: NOVA
High Energy Physics: DRSTP and OSAF
Mathematics: Mathematics department

For information about doing a PhD at Radboud University, please visit the PhD pages.

Information for PhD candidates

PhD bonus

To encourage PhDs to finish their theses in time, a PhD promotion bonus of €1500 has been set up by IMAPP. To be eligible for the PhD promotion bonus, you must meet the following rules.

Rules PhD bonus IMAPP