Prof. Alex Khajetoorians in SPM lab
Prof. Alex Khajetoorians in SPM lab

Institute for Molecules and Materials

The Institute for Molecules and Materials is an interdisciplinary research institute in chemistry and physics at the Radboud University. Our mission is to perform fundamental research to understand, design and control the functioning of molecules and materials and to train the next generation of leaders in science and entrepreneurship at the highest international standards.


Christine Mohrmann Stipend 2023

Christine Mohrmann Stipend for eleven women PhD candidates

Eleven women PhD candidates from Radboud University received a Christine Mohrmann Stipend on Tuesday 28 March. The aim of the stipend is to encourage PhD candidates to continue their academic careers after the completion of their thesis.

Alexander Khajetoorians in het Scanning Probe Microscopy lab

Quantifying electron-electron forces at the atomic scale

In this project, researchers will investigate novel correlated electron phases in 2D materials. These phases exhibit unusual superconducting or magnetic behaviour and a better understanding of the role of electron interactions is needed. The research


New Routes to Coacervate-based Protocells

Programmable shape engineering of polymeric vesicles

Self-organizing networks of surface-active tethered droplets

OlIMMpiad2023 - sports day of IMM

Visiting address

The Institute for Molecules and Materials is located in the Huygens building in Nijmegen.

Huygensbuilding - Room HG03.071
Heyendaalseweg 135
6525 AJ Nijmegen

Postal address

Postvak 51
P.O. Box 9010
6500 GL Nijmegen
The Netherlands


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