Innovation & Industry at IMM

Fundamental knowledge is the driving force of innovation. We actively explore the interaction with the private sector and non-profit organisations by offering our expertise, infrastructure and support. At the Institute for Molecules and Materials, we work closely with businesses and social organisations to apply our fundamental research and accelerate the process of innovation. We participate in various public-private partnerships, both in large research consortia and on a one-on-one basis, to involve the private sector in our research and create a direct pathway from science to market.

Novio Tech Campus

From Science to Application

We work closely with these businesses & social organisations: 

Novio Tech Campus

The large-scale research infrastructure of the IMM has resulted in business relations with medium-sized technology-oriented enterprises in the Nijmegen area (Novio Tech Campus).

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COAST Network

The IMM research group Analytical Chemistry & Chemometrics is directly involved in COAST, a network of Dutch Analytical Chemistry industries. COAST's mission is to strengthen analytical sciences in Netherlands uniting R&D, human capital and infrastructure. In cooperation with COAST, Radboud University and the University of Amsterdam developed a challenging honours master track. Very good and highly motivated students can apply to work together with industrial COAST partners. More information on the COAST website.

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Coiled Therapeutics

COILED amalgamates leading academic biomedical research with industry-standard medicinal chemistry to accelerate and valorize COILED (Center of Open Innovation for Lead Discovery) is a collaborative drug discovery initiative. There is a great need for new organizational models and innovative approaches in the early stages of drug discovery. In particular for the identification, optimization and selection of drug candidates (lead compounds), which form the basis for new innovative therapies. More information on the COILED website.

Other collaborations

We collaborate with many small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and corporations such as Airbus, Akzo Nobel, DSM, Heineken, Philips, LG Electronics, NXP, and Shell.

Radboud Innovation Science

More information about our consortium projects and spin-offs can be found at Radboud Innovation Science (RIS). RIS supports our researchers in setting up and carrying out consortium projects with both public and private partners, and at the end of the project we help researchers achieving optimal use of the results. 

More about RIS

Interdisciplinary Research Platform

Interdisciplinary research projects are stimulated and guided by the Interdisciplinary Research Platform (IRP) at the Faculty of Science. To maximise the societal impact of our research, the IRP will actively involve industrial and societal stakeholders to solve complex research problems, create significant impact and build an innovative interdisciplinary research environment.

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