Elinor Ostrom gebouw
Elinor Ostrom gebouw

Institute for Management Research

The Institute for Management Research (IMR) is the research institute of Nijmegen School of Management. Our researchers carry out state-of-the-art research into complex problems of governance and management, in order to explain the causes of these problems and to use that knowledge to create potential solutions. We combine knowledge and expertise from multiple disciplines with collaboration with societal relevant actors.


Elinor Ostromgebouw

NWO grant for research on mobility for a sustainable future

TRIAS has received funding from the Dutch Research Council (NWO), as part of the KIC Call 'Mobility in a sustainable future'. As part of TRIAS, researchers will look at how to deliver more local and digital healthcare to reduce the need to travel.

Alex Lehr en Carolien van Ham

Carolien van Ham and Alex Lehr receive KNAW grant for research on economic inequality and democratic support

When does higher economic inequality lead to democratic erosion? To answer that question Carolien van Ham and Alex Lehr received a KNAW grant worth 200,000 euros from the ‘Fonds Staatsman Thorbecke’.

Koen van den Oever

Displays of anger and happiness correlates with influence on the board

Showing emotions in the workplace? It is indeed effective in board meetings. Associate Professor of Strategy, Koen van den Oever, has published an article on the subject in the top journal 'Academy of Management Journal'.


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