EU Politics, Administration and Law (EUROPAL)

The multidisciplinary research group EUROPAL focuses on EU politics, governance and law. It seeks to analyse, understand and explain processes of Europeanisation and implementation of EU policies against the background of increased policy pressures and growing domestic politicisation. While doing so, it takes into account evolving inter-institutional relations and balances of power, both at the EU and domestic level, as well as the characteristics of the composite European Administrative Space. Its members approach the relevant topics mainly from the perspectives of political science, public administration and law.

What purpose does EUROPAL serve?

EUROPAL serves as a vibrant multidisciplinary research network through which network members and external partners cooperate on research projects with academic and policy relevance. Insights from the projects are used to advance academic research and to inform governmental/judicial/societal actors playing a role in the policy process.

What does EUROPAL offer?

Due to its multidisciplinary character and the combined expertise of its members, EUROPAL offers extensive expertise on the whole EU regulatory cycle, including sectoral expertise in key policy areas such as asylum and migration, agriculture, environment and water, and the internal market. We have a strong track record in both fundamental and applied research, showcasing a balanced portfolio of academic and commissioned projects. For external partners, our services can be engaged to provide applied research products such as EU policy analysis, scenario development and group model building, legal and political feasibility analysis and legal compliance checks.

Please see our applied research products flyer for more information.


For questions or comments, contact the following Hot Spot coordinators:

Gerry Van der Kamp - Alonsgerry.alons [at] (gerry[dot]alons[at]ru[dot]nl)

Gijs Jan Brandsmagijsjan.brandsma [at] (gijsjan[dot]brandsma[at]ru[dot]nl)

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