Global–Local Divides and Connections (GLOCAL)

GLOCAL brings together a group of scholars analysing central contemporary phenomena with a critical lens that emphasises global-local interactions. The main themes of GLOCAL researchers are:

  • borders;
  • inequality and inclusion;
  • conflict and peace;
  • economic and human development.

The Hot Spot GLOCAL works on social, political and economic phenomena: from economic development and inequality, migrant inclusion, state building in post-war contexts to the politics of development and foreign aid. Their expertise positions them to conduct research on some of the most pressing topics of the day, including the local and global dimensions of the current arrival of refugees in Europe.

What does GLOCAL offer?

GLOCAL is an international centre of expertise focused on critical and innovative thinking about peace, development, borders, and inclusion -related issues, with an emphasis on local-global interactions. GLOCAL researchers analyse and map the transnational dimensions of 'local'problems related to:

  • political or geopolitical conflicts over borders, resources, and identities;
  • migration and migrant inclusion;
  • global inequalities;
  • economic and human development.

GLOCAL uses the new perspectives and research outcomes to:

  • evaluate current border policies and conflict management mechanisms;
  • address inequalities, inclusion and growth problems;
  • inform policy making.

GLOCAL researchers apply methods of qualitative and quantitative research, including a mix of both methods to cross-validate their analyses, and are experts in database building and indicator construction.

The GLOCAL Hot Spot provides a common space for both established and aspiring researchers to exchange with one another on cross-disciplinary, cross-thematic and cross-geographical topics. To stimulate this exchange the Hot Spot organises Glocalchats, occasional events and micro grants.


For questions or comments, contact the following Hot Spot coordinators: 

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