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The Institute for Computing and Information Sciences (iCIS) was established to improve the fundamentals of software development via formal, mathematically founded theories, methods and tools that support the specification, design, analysis and evaluation of computer-based systems.

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The research mission of the Institute for Computing and Information Sciences (iCIS) is to improve the security and reliability of computer-based systems and algorithms through mathematically founded theories, methods, and tools.

On the one hand, the applicability of the institute’s methods and tools is validated by tackling these problems, as encountered in society, industry, and other scientific disciplines. On the other hand, research problems are abstracted from concrete problems encountered in reality. 

Alongside its research ambitions, it is iCIS’ mission to deliver PhD graduates capable of working at the appropriate level of abstraction that allows them to keep an overview over developments, independently of accidental details and hypes of the moment, with the skills to extend knowledge boundaries, and with an analytical and critical mind-set.

Overall Objective

The overall objective of iCIS is to perform excellent scientific research and to have a positive impact in science and also in society — both in terms of improved economic performance and in terms of social well-being. iCIS not only aims to study technical aspects of software systems, but also their embedding in the environments in which they have to operate. 

iCIS aims to contribute to the progress of computer science itself and also to the progress of science by ICT applications in other disciplines, such as neuroscience, biology, law, and medicine, scientific areas in which the Radboud University is particularly strong. This distinguishes iCIS from computer science departments at technical universities, which typically have a more applied focus.


iCIS Management

The daily management of iCIS is in the hands of the Research Director, whose main responsibilities are: personnel management, financial management, and quality and structure of research.

The Managing Director is involved into the day-to-day operation of institute-level activities, involving financial planning and reporting, scientific reporting, internal and external communication.

See also the different roles within iCIS.

Research leaders


Deputy theme leaders

The content – and of course quality – of the research themes is under the responsibility of the research leaders and their group members. 



The Institute for Computing and Information Sciences is located in Mercator I in Nijmegen.

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