Computing Science student
Computing Science student


The Institute for Computing and Information Sciences (iCIS) is involved in the computing science education at the Faculty of Science of Radboud University. Researchers within each of the theme groups contribute to the Bachelor's and Master's programmes.


The main research subjects are present in the curriculum of the Bachelor's Computing Science. Students can perform their thesis at the institute. On the Bachelor Theses archive page we present links to the Bachelor's theses that have been produced by students of the Computing Science programme at Radboud University.

Computing Science

Information technology has changed our lives drastically. Imagine a life without smartphones, laptops or the Internet. This programme will teach you about solving social problems and making smart, user-friendly and secure digital tools.


The Master's specialisations in Computing Science cover all research topics of iCIS and more. The specialisations are Cyber Security, Cyber Security and AI, Data Science, Information Sciences, and Software Science. On the Master's Thesis archive page, you can find all theses performed by Master's students at iCIS.

Cyber Security

As our society's reliance on IT increases, cyber security grows in importance. In this specialisation, you learn how to assess the security of existing ICT systems, and how to develop more secure future solutions.

Cyber Security and AI

The interplay between AI and Cyber Security provides solutions to many real-world problems, but also brings new challenges. In this unique specialisation, you will learn to understand the latest approaches of the interaction between both domains.

Data Science

Data plays a role in almost every scientific discipline, the corporate sector and social organisations. This specialisation will teach you how to transform data into knowledge and solutions.

Information Sciences

This Master's degree teaches you how IT impacts organisations, both from a technical and management perspective. You will become an expert in explaining how organisations are able to deal with security and privacy issues.

Software Science

Software plays a role in almost every aspect of our daily lives and in every organisation across the globe. This specialisation focuses on analysing and testing of code in order to both improve and simplify it.

Master Thesis Lab

The Master Thesis Lab (MTL) page describes the procedures for Master's students projects at the Institute for Computing and Information Sciences. Students should perform all procedures given on the website of the MTL.

Master Thesis Lab

Graduate school

Alongside its research ambitions, it is iCIS’ mission to deliver PhD graduates capable of working at the appropriate level of abstraction that allows them to keep an overview over developments, independently of accidental details and hypes of the moment, with the skills to extend knowledge boundaries, and with an analytical and critical mind-set.

Doing a PhD at iCIS