Two science images of a machine head and a robotic woman
Two science images of a machine head and a robotic woman

Institute for Science in Society

The Institute for Science in Society (ISiS) focuses on how actors – whether they are scientists, citizens, technology developers or other stakeholders – understand the world around them and how such understanding can be improved to facilitate the addressing of complex issues in science and technology.


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Academics find the teaching-research nexus fundamental but difficult in practice

The combination of teaching and research is considered fundamental to academia, but in practice the two tasks prove difficult to combine. This is evident from research by Kasja Weenink, Noëlle Aarts and Sandra Jacobs at Radboud University.

Vossen in het bos bij de Radboud Universiteit


WildlifeNL is dedicated to the search for new forms of wildlife management. The goal is to develop new technologies, governance arrangements and communication strategies, to enable a low-conflict coexistence of humans and wildlife.

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iRECS focuses on 'improving Research Ethics Expertise and Competences to Ensure Reliability and Trust in Science'. ISiS will be involved to ensure societal and policy uptake of the project’s results.

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The Institute for Science in Society is located in the Huygens building in Nijmegen.

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