About ISiS

The Institute for Science in Society (ISiS) is one of the research institutes within the Faculty of Science of Radboud University. The institute focuses on how individuals and organisations understand the world around them and how this understanding can be improved to address complex problems in science and technology.

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Our mission is to analyse, assess and improve the societal embedding of new developments in science and technology, through research, education and outreach; to understand how society shapes science as well as how science shapes society. 

We encourage dialogue, collaboration and reflection on science with the institutes of the Faculty of Science, via empirical social scientific and philosophical research.

ISiS research has a strong ethical component and an ambition to align scientific understanding, socio-technical interaction and socio-ecological transformation to improve the current global condition.

Societal output

Apart from teaching and research, ISiS explicitly aims at connecting science with society. This intermediary and interactive role is exemplified in a number of lectures and performances at ISiS.

Related lectures and presentations

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Confidential Counsellor

The confidential counsellor at ISiS is available for all PhD candidates, postdocs and staff members of the ISiS. If you require this kind of support, do not hesitate to contact the counsellor.



The Department of Philosophy at Radboud University's Faculty of Science was established in 1957, with a focus on philosophy and ethics education. The department's first chair was Professor Andries van Melsen, who was known for his work on science, religion, and the history of the atom. Over time, the department's scope expanded to include the sociology of science and science and technology studies, and it now offers bachelor and master courses on science and society. This extension also lies at the basis of the Master's specialisation Science in Society (SiS).


Get in touch with the Institute for Science in Society by contacting the ISiS secretariat. 

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