Professor and student Science in Society
Professor and student Science in Society


Research at ISiS focuses on how actors – whether they are scientists, citizens, technology developers or other stakeholders – understand the world around them and how such understanding can be improved to facilitate the addressing of complex issues in science and technology.


ISiS aims to contribute to an in-depth understanding of science in society through four crosscutting research themes:

  1. Understanding scientific understanding 
    Aiming to clarify the nature of scientific understanding, including the role of technology in the development of the natural sciences.
  2. Science, ethics and integrity
    What constitutes as good scientific practice and what social responsibilities do scientists have?
  3. Dynamics and dependencies in socio-ecological interactions
    Research about transformations that contribute to the quality of our living environment by studying discourses and practices deeply embedded in our social and institutional environment.
  4. Science-society communication
    Aiming to understand science communication from a dialogical perspective by examining the interaction between science and society in different forms in different contexts


Researchers of ISiS are involved in many different research projects. In this list, you can find some of our current projects.


    IANUS focuses on strengthening trust in science by fostering participation in research as a co-creative and inclusive process, sensitive to societal values, concerns and needs.

  • iRECS

    iRECS focuses on 'improving Research Ethics Expertise and Competences to Ensure Reliability and Trust in Science'. ISiS will be involved to ensure societal and policy uptake of the project’s results.


    PRISM-LT focuses on two innovation cases for combination of mechanical induction with chemical guidance of stem cells: in vitro meat and organoids for replacement tissue in medicine.

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Science in society is an academic discipline. As such, our institute continuously publishes research findings in academic journals. Via the university's repository you can find a selection of ISiS publications but for a full list, you can contact our secretariat through: secr.isis [at] (secr[dot]isis[at]science[dot]ru[dot]nl)

Data Management Policy

ISiS Data Management Policy provides guidelines and advice on proper ways of managing data in all phases and for all forms of research that takes place at ISiS. For more information on the ISiS Data Management Policy, please contact Wessel Ganzevoort, data steward at ISiS (isisdatasteward [at] (isisdatasteward[at]science[dot]ru[dot]nl)).