Katja Laumans-Bakers on learning through experience

Katja Laumans
For me, personal leadership is not waiting, but experiencing by doing.
Katja Laumans-Bakers

Katja Laumans-Bakers, CPO development manager, talks about her personal experience with personal leadership.

“I believe in learning through experience. When I was appointed development manager at CPO, I started giving presentations and coaching team development. At first, I found this really scary, but once I was standing in front of a group, I found myself really enjoying it, and getting positive energy from it. Things that matter to you are often also a bit scary. These are two sides of the same coin. With the support of my supervisor, I learnt to challenge myself more and more to try things outside of my comfort zone, with my insecurity tucked under my arm. All these experiences have helped me to grow into my role, and they’ve made my work more meaningful. To me, personal leadership is therefore mostly a question of doing it.Not waiting, not thinking, not procrastinating, but experiencing things simply by doing them.”