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On this page you find all information you need as a lecturer for your job in education at Radboud University. Educational support staff and policy officers will also find information that supports the educational process.

University Teaching Qualification

The University Teaching Qualification (UTQ) is proof of the didactic competence of lecturers in academic education. Here you can read how to obtain your UTQ at Radboud University.

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Checklist new lecturers

As a starting teacher at Radboud University, you have a lot to deal with. A new working environment, your own course, assessment and the University Teaching Qualification. We have listed some useful information for you in an overview.

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Courses for lecturers

Want to work on your development? Radboud University has a diverse offering of trainings and courses for lecturers. From entry level to more advanced, online as well as on campus.

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Basic design of assessment

It is important to align the assessment within a course with the learning objectives and activities. With some practical guidelines, we help you on your way of designing assessment for your course.

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Hybrid and online education

There are facilities present on the campus of Radboud University that make online as well as hybrid education possible. View the facilities and read tips about using them.

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Evaluating a course

A good course evaluation provides a lot of information for the next version. You can evaluate with students both during and at the end of a course. We listed a number of points of attentions and tips for you.

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Teaching Information Point

The education supporters at your faculty would love to help you with didactical advise, educational design and ICT in Education.


Radboud Teaching and Learning Centre

For support, budget and inspiration in innovation and research and for education and teacher development.



Simon Tans

Column Simon Tans: A network of innovators or of all lecturers?

As a lecturer, you can have several questions. For me, it is an asset to be able to talk about my questions with others through the TLC network, especially with people at other faculties. (How) do you share your questions with colleagues?

Annemarie van Stee

The passion for education of Annemarie van Stee

In this column lecturers discuss what motivates them in education, to counter the discussion of the ‘burden of education’. Annemarie van Stee, Philosophy lecturer (Philosophy, Theology, Religious Studies), tells what gives her energy in education

Lia Fluit

Column Lia Fluit: Learning across your own boundaries

Last week, we had a meeting with all Teaching and Learning Centres in the Netherlands. It once again showed how important it is to learn across your own boundaries. It gives you new ideas and creates new or different perspectives.


broodje gezond

TLC Innovation Lunch December

Many students who might consider becoming a high school teacher do not have a realistic idea of what a career in front of a class looks like. To change that, Gerry Van der Kamp-Alons developed orientation modules and an education lab in which...

Studenten zitten achter elkaar en maken digitaal tentamen

Assessment conference: Dream, dare, do!

How can we assess differently at our university? That is the main question during the first assessment conference organised by the Special Interest Group Assessment of the Radboud Teaching and Learning Centre, at December 8th.

Docent zit op tafel voor het bord

TLC Welcome meeting (19-01)

Have you just started teaching at Radboud University? Allow yourself a short moment of reflection and join the welcome meeting of TLC. Reflection and meeting new colleagues are the main goals of the meeting.


Do you have any questions or are you looking for more information? The Teaching Information Point at your faculty will be happy to assist you.