Choosing and constructing an assessment method

What assessment method you choose depends on the level and content of the learning objectives and the goal of the assessment. Additionally, you can choose whether to assess with or without digital assessment software. We differentiate the following main methods of assessment:

Assessment specification table for a written assessment

When designing a written assessment, you make use of an assessment specification table. In the table you make clear which combinations of learning objective, level and item types you use to measure whether the learning objectives were achieved.

An example of what a specification table might look like.
An example of what a specification table might look like.


With product assessments, performance assessment, practical assignments and portfolio assessments, you use a rubric to make clear how the learning objectives are measured and assessed. If necessary, rubrics can be included as an assessment tool on Brightspace.

An example of how a rubric might be designed.
An example of what a rubric for an essay might look like.


For more information you can contact the digital assessment coordinator or Teaching Information Point at your faculty.

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