Clip & Collect

Clip & Collect is a quick and easy way to record a basic educational clip. In three simple steps, you can record yourself in our green screen studio. After this we will add your PowerPoint to the recording and voila!

How does Clip & Collect work?

  1. You want a quick and easy video without any fuss. You write your own script and create a PowerPoint presentation.
  2. After finishing your script and presentation, it’s time to visit one of the studios and record your video yourself.
  3. Since there will be no editing done to your video, your video will be done and delivered in just two days.

Book a time slot

  Clip & Collect Basic REC video
Delivery time Two days Two weeks

Recording in a studio


Yes Yes
PowerPoint background Yes Yes
Video editing No Yes
Feedback on your video No Yes
Coaching during recording No Yes
Present using an autocue No Yes