ICT tools in education

ICT tools in education help you to design your education and add extra functionality and possibilities. Education, for example, becomes more interactive and students can receive more (automatic) feedback on their learning process. On this page you can find all supporting ICT tools at Radboud University.

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Video in education

Video software makes it possible to offer information in a different way. Students can also re-watch videos and attend lectures online.

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Mathematics and statistics

The software offered in the field of mathematics and statistics makes it possible to easily analyse statistical data. In addition there are tools that offer students the possibility to practice mathematical and statistical formulas.

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Surveys and evaluating education

Survey and evaluation software makes it possible to digitally poll for opinions and create surveys.

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Feedback in education

The available software for feedback in education supports lecturers as well as students in giving feedback on products and behaviour.

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Practice course material

The available software supports students in continuously practicing (basic) knowledge and making practice exams.

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Assessment and appraisal

There are several tools on assessment and appraisal that help you with checking for plagiarism, taking exams and intermediate assessments.

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Brightspace tools

The digital learning environment Brightspace contains a number of integrated tools that facilitate different forms of education, such as taking quizzes, giving feedback or giving online lectures.

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Safely using ICT tools

The tools on this page are made available by Radboud University. They are safe to use and are mostly available to the faculties without additional costs.

Free tools offered by external parties often seem great, but the use of these is discouraged. You can often only make limited use of certain functions and these free tools gather all sorts of personal data. Because of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), there are strict rules on how personal data is used when it comes to ICT tools in education.


Do you have any questions or are you looking for more information? The Teaching Information Point of your faculty is happy to help.