Online teaching with Virtual Classroom

You can use Virtual Classroom in Brightspace to organise digital meetings with students in a course. You can use the tool for plenary meetings, but it is also possible to divide the students into breakout rooms. There they can discuss topics in smaller groups.


With Virtual Classroom you can:

  • start a session with a maximum of 150 people;
  • give a presentation;
  • have a student give a presentation;
  • use the whiteboard to take notes;
  • let people communicate through their webcam;
  • share the pc screen (entire screen or a specific tab or app);
  • divide the students into breakout rooms;
  • record the session and share it in Brightspace at a later moment. 


  • Only 25 participants can turn their webcam on simultaneously.


There are multiple manuals to help you with using the Virtual Classroom.


Your faculty’s Teaching Information Point can help you if you want to use the Virtual Classroom.