Weblectures are lectures that are recorded on campus using a weblecture set. Depending on what a lecturer chooses, a weblecture can be watched after the lecture is over or also watched live via a livestream link.

Reasons to choose using weblectures:

  • Students can look at the course material that was used again when they find the course or subject difficult.
  • Students that are sick or who can not attend a lecture for other reasons, can still attend lectures online.
  • Students studying abroad can also attend lectures.
  • Weblectures are complementary course material next to notes and literature.

Preparations for a weblecture


  • It is of utmost importance you use a microphone when recording a lecture. Without a microphone you are not audible. If the microphone is not ready for you in the lecture hall, you can retrieve it at the doorman.
  • Always repeat questions asked by the live audience. Questions asked by the audience are not audible because they do not have a microphone.

Screen usage

  • Keep in mind that the recording is on continuously, also during the break. The weblecture shows what you do on the computer. That means that if you check your email during the break, it also shows up on the recording. You can, however, cut this out of the recording afterwards.
  • If you are presenting content made by third parties, it might be copyrighted. Remember to take copyright laws into account if that is the case.

Scheduling a weblecture

You as a lecturer choose whether to use weblectures or not. If you want to make use of weblectures, there are three steps to take in mind:

1. Have the lecture be scheduled.

If you want to have one or multiple lectures to be recorded, you have to indicate this to your faculty scheduler. Then, when the schedule shows your lecture will be recorded, it will happen automatically. The recording starts at the scheduled time and will keep running for 5 more minutes after the lecture has ended. The livestream will be live during the scheduled times.

2. Livestream link on Brightspace.

The link for the livestream will automatically be placed on Brightspace, so students can attend the lecture online.

3. Publishing and, if need be, editing a recording.

After the lecture the weblecture system will automatically send you an email with a link you can place on your Brightspace course page. Check this guide to learn how to do this.

You can also edit the video. For example, by cutting certain parts out. Check this guide to learn how to do this.

Locations with weblecture sets

Some lecture halls have fixed recording equipment available. In most cases the cameras can turn and zoom in. To make sure someone is present to operate the camera, you need to submit a request to the scheduling officer at your faculty.

Building Rooms
Berchmanianum the Chapel 
Lecture Hall Complex CC1; CC2; CC3; CC4; CC5
Elinor Ostrom building EOS N 01.110*; EOS N 01.150*; EOS N 01.320*; EOS N 01.550*; EOS N 01.610*; EOS N 01.630*; EOS N 01.760*
Erasmus building E 2.50*; E 2.54*; E 2.55*; E 2.66*
Grotius building GR -1.070*; GR -1.075*; GR 0.100; GR 1.109*; GR 1.139*
Huygens building HG 00.062; HG 00.071; HG 00.086; HG 00.303; HG 00.304; HG 00.307; HG 00.616; HG 00.622; HG 01.028
Linnaeus building Linnaeus 1; Linnaeus 2; Linnaeus 3; Linnaeus 4, Linnaeus 5, Linnaeus 6
Maria Montessori building MM00.025; MM00.029; MM00.035; MM00.120*; MM00.130*; MM02.650*; MM03.640*; MM03.650*; MM04.640*; MM04.650*; MM01.620*; MM02.610*; MM02.130*; MM02.630*; MM03.610*; MM04.610*
Mercator building 1 MERC 1 00.28
Radboudumc M205 Hippocrates; M230 Lammerszaal; M260 Auditorium

Spinoza building

SP1, SP2, SP3
Dentistry building 0.038; 0.078*
Thomas van Aquinostraat 1 TvA 1.00.35

* Cannot be manually operated.

Frequently asked questions

I have not received a link, what now?

Send an email to weblectures [at] ru.nl ()

Make sure to state:

  • The course code
  • The room number
  • The date and time


My students are unable to watch the weblecture, what now?

Send an email to weblectures [at] ru.nl

Make sure to state:

  • The course code
  • The Content Item in Brightspace where the link was posted
  • The link itself


Does the link work outside of Brightspace?

No, the livestream link as well as the link for the recording only work in Brightspace.


For questions about weblectures, please send an e-mail.