Self-study modules in Brightspace

In Brightspace, information, assignments and instructions on a particular education topic are bundled for lecturers in a handy self-study course. This way, you can choose when, at what pace and with what intensity you want to learn.

Substantive themes

Currently, the modules 'Peer feedback' and 'Learning objectives' are already available (in Dutch). The modules 'Blended Learning' and 'Course design in Brightspace' are in development. The modules will soon also be available in English.

Contents of a module

A module contains a number of fixed components:

  • An interactive self-study modules that takes a maximum of 15 minutes, in which you are taken through the basics of a particular theme.
  • Clear instructions on how you can start using the theme within your courses. This also contains useful downloads that you can instantly start using.
  • Examples from colleagues.
  • References to background information, manuals, and scientific articles for even more in-depth information.
  • A forum in which you can share your experiences and learning materials with other lecturers.
  • Contact details of people that can further help you with this topic.

Access to the module

You can easily sign up for a course in Brightspace yourself.

  1. Log into Brightspace.
  2. In the menu, under 'Help', click 'Discover'.
  3. Click you course you would like to participate in and choose 'Enrol'.

The course now appears in your Brightspace homepage. You can take the course independently.

Een screenshot van Brightspace waarop acht modules worden weergegeven.

Contact details

Do you have any comments or suggestions for a new module theme? Please send an email to es-docentmodule [at]