University Teaching Qualification (UTQ)

The University Teaching Qualification (UTQ) is proof of the didactical competence of lecturers in academic education. The UTQ is recognised by all 14 Dutch universities. You obtain your UTQ via your own faculty.

Target audience

The UTQ is meant for anyone who teaches, designs and evaluates within an academic program. The UTQ is required for tenures longer than 1 year and with a minimum of 0,3 FTE*.

Some educational qualifications obtained abroad are recognised by faculties in line with the UTQ. If you have questions about this, contact the UTQ assessment committee of your faculty to discuss what you might still need to do to be granted the UTQ.

*The amount of FTE might differ per faculty


Start of pilots for a new UTQ track

In March, the pilot for a new UTQ track will start. In this new working method, the supervisory part of the UTQ will mainly take place at your own faculty. You will also get the possibility to work towards obtaining the UTQ step-by-step (through intermediate completion of competency domains). Additionally, there is a cross-faculty course offering that aligns with the learning objectives of the UTQ.

A number of aspects of the new working method will be developed during the pilot phase. A small-scale start will therefore be made. During the pilot, lecturers who participate will be able to work concretely on their development of the UTQ competency domains.

Participating in the new UTQ track

You can sign up to participate in the pilots of the new UTQ track via the links below. Lecturers at the Faculty of Social Sciences have already been approached by their supervisor about possibly participating. Applications for the other participating faculties are open until 1 March 2023. Per faculty, a maximum of 10 lecturers can participate in the pilot. Participation is possible at the following five faculties:

Transitional arrangement

For the next six months, a transitional arrangement will be in place for lecturers who want to finish obtaining their UTQ this academic year via the old working method. If you have already begun compiling your UTQ portfolio and estimate that you can finish your portfolio before September 2023, you are eligible to participate.

The transitional arrangement is only available to lecturers at the faculties participating in the pilot. You can apply until 1 May 2023. If you do not apply, it will be assumed that you will obtain your UTQ via the new working method.

Sign up for the transitional arrangement

Please note: the capacity of the UTQ assessment committee is limited, which means there is no guarantee that you can be assessed immediately after finishing your portfolio. Lecturers for whom obtaining the UTQ is necessary before 1 September (for example because of contractual agreements) are given priority.

Already started on your UTQ portfolio but unable to complete it this academic year?

If you are unable to complete your portfolio this academic year according to the 'old' method, you can take what you've already done with you when continuing in the new working method. You do not have to start over when switching to the new working method. More information on how this works will be published on this page as soon as possible.

Course offering by Education Support

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Writing sessions

Have you already started working on your UTQ portfolio in the 'old' working method and would you like to receive guidance while compiling it? Make sure to visit one of the UTQ portfolio writing sessions.

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