Checklist for new lecturers

As a lecturer you deliver a substantial contribution to the development of students and to the quality of education at our university. If you are just beginning your career in teaching, there are a lot of new things to discover. To inspire, inform and welcome you, we have made a helpful checklist.

Checklist for new lecturers

When you start as a lecturer at Radboud University, you are flooded with information. We made a handy checklist with everything a starting lecturer needs to think about.

What people do I need to meet?

  • Teaching Information Point (TIP): You can go to the TIP with questions about adjustments you would like to make in your course and if you want to develop yourself as a lecturer. If you are a lecturer at the Faculty of Medical Sciences, you can go to the RadboudUMC Health Academy.
  • Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC): For questions and ideas about the development and innovation of education, your own development as a lecturer, and research on (scientific) education and learning, the TLC is the place to go.
  • TLC ambassadors: The ambassadors of the Teaching and Learning Centre are there for you to talk about ways to change your education and for those who want to keep developing themselves.

How can I develop as a lecturer?

  • Coaching: When you want to grow as a lecturer, you can choose to be coached by an educational support staff member. 
  • Obtaining your University Teaching Qualification (UTQ): The UTQ is proof of the didactical ability of lecturers in academic higher education. Join an information meeting for further information.
  • Attending trainings: The Education Support department offers diverse trainings that help lecturers to develop and hone their skills on didactics and implementing IT in their education. 

What should I pay attention to when designing my course?

  • Think about the structure of your course. And your role as a lecturer.
  • Attend the basic training for Brightspace where you learn how to design a course in the digital learning environment of Brightspace.
  • Look into the Tutorials & Manuals of Radboud University. Type in what you’re searching for and you’ll find a step-by-step guide for almost anything.

What are practicalities I need to know about and take care of?

  • Requesting access to Brightspace: This is the digital learning environment Radboud University uses. It is user-friendly, responsive and offers many possibilities, such as discussion forums, formative assessment, a digital portfolio and enclosing educational clips.
  • Academic calendar: Read more on the university year division.
  • Entering grades in OSIRIS: This is the online environment where you can view students’ personal data and keep track of grades and other study-related data.

Radboud Teaching and Learning Centre

Together with all students and employees the Radboud Teaching and Learning Centre wants to work towards a university community in which we keep learning with and from each other. A climate in which improvement and innovation in education are embraced and in which we are curious about how we can support and educate students even better. The activities of TLC can help you in having a good start.