Luka Schepens

Portretfoto van student Luka Schepens
Most importantly: the Radboud Intro gives you friends for life!
Luka Schepens
Current role
Student Philosophy, Politics and Society

Luka Schepens participated in the Radboud Intro in 2019.

In the summer of 2019, as a new student of Philosophy, Politics and Society, I participated in the Radboud Intro. I had never been to Nijmegen before and luckily I had just been able to find a room in the city centre. It was very exciting and scary to start my study period in a strange city with unknown people, but after the first meeting with my mentor group the uncertainty disappeared immediately. After all, it is new for everyone!

From the start, I made friends and they are still my best friends today. That is what I like best about the orientation week. Together with your mentor group you do the funniest and craziest things for a week. We played lots of games, got to know the city and the nightlife, and had a great time at the closing festival.

Of course such a week is intense and tiring, but in the end it gives you so much. Because I participated in the orientation week, I knew my way around the city and the campus a lot better. I also already knew many classmates and older students who could help me in the first weeks of college. Through the orientation week I also got to know my study association very well, so a year later I even joined the board. 

The Radboud Intro makes the start of your time as a student in Nijmegen easier and more fun. But most importantly: you will make friends for life!