Access to your email via IMAP

Some devices or mail clients may require you to use an IMAP protocol to read and send your e-mail. In that case you need more data than just your login name and password.

Because the collection and sending of e-mail is done through two different servers, you need to fill in the details for both the incoming and outgoing mail server. Our authenticated SMTP server is available for this purpose.

Data you need to be able to use Authenticated SMTP for IMAP

  • Your name: Is free to choose, this will be the name displayed with your mail.
  • E-mail address: Your full Radboud email address
  • Account type: IMAP
  • Server for incoming mail:
  • Server for outgoing mail:
  • Username: your full email address. (The username can only be your RU ID, which is the same as the primary RU email address).
  • Password
  • As an additional setting, the port numbers for incoming and outgoing mail must also be specified:
    • Incoming server: - (IMAP) port 993 - encrypted connection SSL/TLS
    • Outgoing server: - (SMTP) port 587 - encrypted connection STARTTLS
  • Authentication method: After configuring and verifying the two points above, it may still be set to 'Autodetect' but should be manually set to 'OAuth2' for both.