To copy, follow the steps below. Please note that default copying settings for the printers are:

  • black and white
  • double-sided
  • unstapled


  1. Making a copy

    1. Log in at the printer using your campus card, PIN or Radboud account password and press 'Copy' ('Kopie')
    2. Place the original face-up in the paper feeder tray or face-down on the glass.
    3. Enter the number of copies you need using the keypad.
    4. Press the (blue) Start button.
  2. Using optional settings

    If needed, you can change the settings for extra copying possibilities. For example to copy double-sided, in colour, or to enlarge / minimize the copy.

    You can change the settings in the copy settings screen.

    • Auto color: to choose between full colour or black and white
    • Zoom: to resize the copy
    • Duplex/Combine: to choose between one- or doubled-sided copies
    • Finishing: to choose the finishing settings, such as one or two staples

    After copying, click Back to return to the home screen for other jobs and click END to end your session.