Instructions recruitment system PeopleXS

Instruction on using recruitment system PeopleXS for job holders and committee members. 


  1. Logging into PeopleXS

    The link takes you to a page with a search function. Here you type in 'Radboud University'. Clicking on Radboud University will take you to a login screen and you fill in your u-number and password. This will take you to your own vacancy environment.

  2. View job description

    New and current vacancies are displayed in show vacancies.

    • Click on the name of the relevant job posting and then click on read more about vacancy
  3. Viewing candidate data

    • Applications for this vacancy: candidates with resume and cover letter are shown below.
    • The cover letter and resume can be opened by clicking on the word or pdf icon.
    • Any other attachments are not visible here. Click on the candidate's name to see them.

    PLEASE NOTE: Google Chrome and Firefox first save the document to the Downloads folder before it can be opened; delete these documents from the Downloads folder.

  4. Print and merge documents candidates

    • Select the candidates (check mark or click select all on this page) whose documents you want merged/printed and click print.
    • In the opened screen, click Next (at the very bottom)
    • Click on print selected items.
    • Once Process Complete appears at the top, the Pdf file can be opened by clicking on Download Now. If desired, the documents can now be printed.
  5. Review candidates for letter selection

    • Click on the candidate's name and select one of the values under Assessments by your own name. Any comments can be entered in the text field.
    • Click on save. Your own assessment and comments are now visible in the overview of candidates.
    • Click on the name of the previous or next candidate to enter the assessment of this candidate.

    An Excel file can be created of all candidates showing the committee members' ratings and comments

    • Go to the applicant overview (Applications for this vacancy)
    • Click on Download xls (bottom left)

    The details of the rejected candidates are visible under show closed applications.

  6. Invite and reject candidates (status update) - for job holders and HR only

    Through a Status Update, you communicate to Recruitment what the next step is for a candidate (invite, reject, reserve). It is easiest if you follow the order below:

    Select the candidates to be invited.

    • Click on status update and select Invite 1st interview or Invite 1st interview Skype
    • In the text field, enter the Recruitment data (date, time, where to report, committee members and job titles) so that the appropriate invitation email can be sent to the appropriate candidates.
    • Click on Save

    Select the candidates to be held in reserve.

    • Click on status update and select Reserve
    • Click on Save

    Reject all remaining candidates.

    Internal candidates:

    • Select the internal candidates
    • Click on status update and select Reject
    • Indicate in the text field whether the internal candidates were notified in writing or verbally.
    • Click on Save

    External candidates:

    • Under Status, filter to New applicant
    • Click on Search
    • Then click on Select All on this page (#)
    • Click on Status Update and select Reject
    • Click on Save

    PLEASE NOTE: If you are going to do a status update for one candidate, this is as follows:

    • Go to Applications for this vacancy
    • Click on the status of the candidate
    • Select the desired status (possibly add information for Recruitment to the text field)
    • Click on Save
  7. Follow-up actions - for job holders and HR only

    After Recruitment has sent the relevant emails, the candidates who have been invited or put on reserve are still visible in the overview. The status is changed to Confirmation 1st interview or Confirmation reserve. The column Action Holder shows Vacancy Holder. After the interviews, the candidate can proceed to the next step in the process.

    The emails sent to the candidate by Recruitment can be found under the Mails and Documents section corresponding to the relevant candidate (at the very bottom).

    The details of rejected candidates are visible under View closed applications.

  8. Candidate data after the vacancy closes

    After a candidate is selected, Recruitment closes the job posting. You can find the candidates' details for another month:

    • Click on Show closed vacancies (top left) and select the relevant vacancy
    • Click on Show closed applications (to the right of Applications for this vacancy)