New password Android tablet or phone

Read here to find out how you can set a new password on an Android phone or tablet.


    1. Changing the password for your RU mail

      Before you change your RU password on your mobile devices: 

      • Disable the Internet and Wi-Fi connections on all of your mobile devices
      • Change your password in the Accountportal
      1. Go to the Apps overview and select Settings. On other Android devices this may look different and different steps might have to be taken
      2. Scroll down and select Accounts Select Exchange
      3. Select Account settings
      4. Select your RU mail address
      5. Scroll down to select incoming email Settings
      6. Enter your new password and select Done
    2. Changing the Wi-Fi password

      This is only possible when you are on campus.

      1. Turn Wi-Fi back on. The campus Wi-Fi network is Eduroam
      2. Press and hold Eduroam and select change Network
      3. Scroll down, enter the new RU password and select SAVE
      4. You have now finished changing the RU password for your Android phone or tablet.