New password Macbook or iMac

Read here to find out how you can set a new password on a MacBook or iMac.


  1. Step 1: Change your RU password in Accountportal

    Please note:

    • Remember to turn off the internet on all your mobile devices.
    • If using a Radboud iMac/Macbook with Filevault, make sure you have at least macOS 10.14.4 installed.

    Before changing the password on your mobile devices, change your Radboud-password in the Accountportal.

  2. Step 2: Change your Radboud password to your email

    1. Click on the System Preferences icon in your Dock
    2. Click on Internet accounts
    3. Then click on Exchange. If you have chosen another name for the Radboud mail instead of Exchange click there
    4. Click on Details
    5. Change your password here


  3. Step 3: Change Radboud password for linked printers

    If you have connected your own Radboud printers on your Macbook or iMac, you will need to change your Radboud password for them too:

    1. Turn on the internet on your Macbook or iMac
    2. Give a print command
    3. You will now see the printer icon jump up on the bottom right. Click on this icon
    4. Click on the button with the round arrow. Enter your account name. That is backslash followed by your u-, e- or s-number. Then enter your new Radboud password and put a tick in the box next to 'Save password in my keychain'. Click on Ok
    5. You have now finished changing your Radboud password on your Macbook or iMac.