New password Windows laptop/tablet

Read here to find out how you can set a new password on a Windows phone or tablet.


  1. Step 1: Change password in Account Portal

    Note: Remember to turn off internet and wifi on all your mobile devices.

    Before changing the password on your mobile devices, first change your Radboud password in the Account Portal.

  2. Step 2: Change password for your Windows device

    1. Click on the Windows icon in the lower left corner
    2. Type in: reference management
    3. In the list of results that appears, click Credential Manager
    4. Click on Windows References
    5. Click on the arrow next to Modified
    6. Then click Edit
    7. Enter your new password and click Save
    8. If you had other RU results under Windows References (e.g., the link to a printer) repeat these steps for this item as well.
    9. Turn on internet/wireless again. Eduroam (wireless) itself will ask you to enter the new password.
    10. You are now done changing the Radboud password on your Windows laptop/tablet.