Printing from a Mac device

If you wish to print from a MacBook or another Mac device, you will need to install a printer application. When you run a print job, you will then be able to link the print server to your Radboud account. 


  1. Installing the printer application

    1. Download the zip file that contains the .pkg file.
    2. Unzip and double-click the file and install it.
    3. If you get a notification that says that the file could not be opened for security reasons, start by right-clicking the ‘Open’ file to indicate that you wish to open it, and then run the installation.
    4. Open the ‘RU-FollowMe’ application from the ‘Launchpad’, the ‘Finder’ or via ‘Spotlight Search’ so that you can install the printer driver.

    Please note: This application can only be installed from macOS versions Big Sur 11.5.6 or Monterey 12.2.1. If you have an older version, you can print via the website (in this case, select: Web Upload)

  2. Connecting to the print server

    1. Open a program (like ‘Word for Mac’) and print a document.
    2. When the document is printed, a printer icon will be highlighted in your ‘Dock’. Click on this icon.
    3. Click the ‘Refresh’ button on the screen to the right of the document name.
    4. Enter your Radboud email address under ‘Name’. Enter your Radboud password in the second field. Select the ‘Save password in my keychain’ option. Then click ‘OK’.