Printing from a Windows device

Follow the steps below if you need assistance with printing from your windows computer or laptop.


  1. Printing from Windows

    1. Click the Windows key and the R key on your keyboard simultaneously. A window will then appear.
    2. Enter the following string: \\\followme
    3. Then click ‘OK’.
    4. Open the document that you want to print. Select the printer that you wish to use:\followme (and specify such details as print on both sides/do not print on both sides, print in colour/do not print in colour). The Windows Security screen will appear. 
    5. In the first field, enter: ‘RU\ followed by your Radboud number’, for example RU\u123456
    6. In the second field, enter your Radboud password. Click ‘OK’.
    7. The printer has now been installed and is ready to use.

    Please note: If the Windows Security screen does not appear automatically, follow the steps below

    1. In the control panel, open the ‘Reference Manager’ folder.
    2. Click ‘Add a Windows credential’.
    3. For server address, enter  \\\followme
    4. Username: RU\s0123456
    5. Password: Radboud password.