Requesting a workgroup folder with (or without) student access

If you want to share documents with a team, you can request a workgroup folder. Read here how to request a workgroup folder with (or without) student access.


  1. Go to the Account Portal

    Go to the Account Portal and log in with your U/E number and RU password.

    screenshot account portal
  2. Select: Start a new request

    screenshot of new request webpage
  3. Select: Workgroup folders

    screenshot workgroup folders
  4. Select the 'add to cart' button in front of Request Workgroupfolder with students

    Note: You can also request a workgroup folder without student access. In that case, select 'Request Workgroupfolder without students'.

  5. Fill in field 1 and 2

    screenshot entry screen

    Notes on this entry screen:

    1. Workgroup name is a required field. Up to 40 characters. You are free to choose a name, but it is recommended that the workgroup name is prefixed with an abbreviation of your unit and, if desired, the department or section. However, there is no standard naming convention! Do you work at the BSI and would you like to request a workgroup folder? If so, send an email to the dataofficer [at] (BSI Data Officer) and state your name, the name of the BSI research programme where you work, the names of other RU employees who need to have access to the workgroup folder, and the desired name of the workgroup folder.
    2. Description: required field. It is recommended that you at least mention the workgroup name again here.

    After filling field 1 and 2, click on the 'next' button.

  6. Select the folder end date

    In this step, the folder end date needs to be selected. The default is 2 years, but this can be changed (at a later date). Please note: the date format may vary by browser (in this example: d/m/yyyy)

    After selecting the folder end date, click on the 'next' button.

    sceenshot enddate
  7. Add members

    In the last step of requesting a workgroup folder, you can add members to the workgroup.

    • Search by surname, first name, or U/E number.
    • If you only search by last name, you might be presented with a very long list, it is easiest to search by E or U number (if known).
    screenshot add members

    Tick off the box for the person you want to select and grant the appropriate user access, either RO (Read-Only access) or RW (Read/Write access).

    screengrab found persons

    If you only search by surname or first name, it is important to note that a number of employees have both a U and an E number. This is specified under Account Type. Always choose the U number!

  8. Fill in the next search

    1. Do not click the 'submit' button after you have added a member with the appropriate access rights. Only do so after all members have been added.

    2. Adding the next member: Remove the previous search term and fill in the next search. Repeat until all members have been added.
      Note: once people are included in the list, there is no need to put tick marks before the name again.

    3. Once all users have been added, click the 'submit' button.

    screenshot overview
  9. Receiving e-mails

    You will receive an e-mail after a few minutes:

    Dear <your name>,

    Your request for workgroup folder <workgroupfolder name> has been submitted. As soon as your workgroup folder is available you'll receive a second email stating this.

    Please do not make any changes to the workgroup folder before you receive the e-mail with confirmation of creation. This will cause disruptions.

    Kind regards,

    Functional Management RU Bestandssysteem

    e-mail: rubestandssysteem [at]

    Note: this is an automatically generated message.

    Within fifteen minutes you will receive a second e-mail:

    Dear<your name>,

    The workgroup folder <workgroupfolder name> you requested is successfully created.

    Kind regards,

    Functional Management RU Bestandssysteem

    e-mail: rubestandssysteem [at]

    Note: this is an automatically generated message.