Set up Wifi with eduroamCAT

If you cannot access the Eduroam Wi-Fi network, you can set up your Wi-Fi connection by using 'EduroamCAT’. Please read the instructions for your type of device.


  1. IOS (iPad, iPhone)

    1. Click here to open the configuration file.
    2. Press 'Install' (sometimes you have to tap ‘Allow’).
    3. Enter your chosen four-digit PIN code.
    4. Press 'Install’ again.
    5. Enter your u-, e-, or s-number followed by (e.g.  u123456 [at]
    6. Press 'Next'.
    7. Enter the RU password and press 'Next'.
    8. Press 'Done'.
    9. Choose eduroam in the list of available Wifi networks.
  2. Android (Smartphone, Tablet)

    Only works with your data bundle or hotspot.

    1. Go to Play Store, install eduroam CAT and open the installed program.
    2. Eduroam CAT detects the Radboud University Nijmegen as 'Nearby Config'. Choose this option. (In some cases you will have to search for the Radboud University Nijmegen yourself via 'Manual Search').
    3. Click on 'Install’. And then click on: 'Yes'.
    4. Enter your u-, e-, or s-number followed by (e.g.  u123456 [at]
    5. Enter RU-password.
    6. Click on: 'Install'.
    7. Go to 'Status' and click on 'Reconnect'.
    8. You are now connected to eduroam.
  3. Windows (Laptop, Tablet)

      For Windows 10: Click here (Windows 8: click here and Windows 7: click here) to download the file needed for the installation and choose:

      1. 'Run' (and sometimes 'Run' again) or
      2. Save the file (usually it is automatically saved in the 'Downloads' folder under 'This PC') and open it by double-clicking on it. Click on 'Run'.
      3. Click on 'Next'.
      4. Click on: 'OK'.
      5. Enter your u-, e-, or s-number followed by (e.g.  u123456 [at]
      6. Enter the RU-password twice.
      7. Click on it: ‘Install’.
      8. Click on: 'Finish'. The installation is now complete.
      9. Wifi, choose eduroam.
    1. MacOS (iMac, MacBook)

      1. Open a browser (Safari)
      2. Copy the link ( in the open browser.
      3. Close the pop-up window 'Join eduroam-config'.
      4. Choose MacOS again, and click on: 'Download here’.
      5. A pop-up window 'Install eduroam' will open.
      6. Click on: 'Continue'.
      7. Enter your u-, e-, or s-number followed by (e.g.  u123456 [at]
      8. Enter the RU password and click on 'Install'.
      9. Enter your Mac's password and click 'OK'.
      10. Wifi, choose eduroam.

      * Sometimes you will get a pop-up that you have to accept to put the certificate in keychain. Then you will be asked to log in with your Mac password. Do this and you are connected.

    Guest account

    For guest accounts, please contact At Organisation, choose 'eduroam Visitor Access(eVa)'. And follow the instructions.

    Do you already have an eduroam account at another university or institution? Then check if your organization is affiliated with eduroamCAT. You can contact

    For questions you can contact the ICT Helpdesk ( - 024-3622222). Or walk to the ICT Service Point in the University Library.