Travel days commuting and work from home - BASS

As an employee you are entitled to an allowance for commuting days and the days that you work from home.


  1. Claiming your travel days

    1. Log in to BASS
    2. Go to 'Expenses' and click on 'Travel days Commuting and Work from Home days'.
    3. Click on 'New declaration'.
    4. You will then see a summary of the travel allowance and homework allowance that applies to you. From January 2022, you can choose between two travel allowances in addition to the homework allowance. This can either be the basic allowance and OV allowance, or the bicycle allowance and OV allowance.
    5. Based on the days you worked on campus and at home, enter the summary. When you see the notification '1 error has occured', it means you checked both an allowance and a home work day on the same day, or two allowances. You may choose only one allowance per day. Correct the day you checked double allowances to continue.
      Note: If you want to claim public transport expenses, you must attach the invoice and travel summary including expenses for the month in question to the claim. These can be claimed afterwards. The travel days OV and OV costs can be added to the corresponding month in the column "Commute costs".
    6. After the summary is completed, there is room for any comments.
    7. When you click on save, you see the overview of the claim you have entered. You will also see the reimbursement you are entitled to receive.
    8. After submitting the claim, you are returned to the overview screen, where you can see all your travel expense claims. The claim will be approved by your manager.
  2. Editing a claim

    1. If you need to change a claim, you can do so only after the claim has been approved. Please wait until your expense report is approved, which you can see in the travel expense report overview screen.
    2. Then you can change it and resend it. The manager can then approve the modified claim.