Nina van den Broek

Een portret van Nina van den Broek
It’s great that this award appreciates and stimulates the positive effects of cooperation in science.
Nina van den Broek
Current role
Junior researcher at the Substance Use, Addiction & Food (SAF) research group.

'What an honour to win a Team Science Award! Doing research is often something individual, but the positive effects of collaboration in science are extremely important. It’s extra nice that this is appreciated and stimulated with this award.

At the Substance Use, Alcohol & Food (SAF) research group, we investigate how addictive behaviour and unhealthy eating patterns develop in young people. I think the diversity in our team has a positive influence on the quality of our research results. By working together with people from different disciplines and nationalities, you can look at things from new perspectives.

We help each other as much as possible in the research process, for example as a writing buddy. A junior colleague then looks at your article, giving you a accessible opportunity to check your work. Twice a year, we also have a writing week with the entire team. We stay in a holiday home where we do our work, but also cook together and do fun activities. In addition, we all contribute to our RAD-blog, an online blog where we share scientific insights in our field in an accessible way. Together, these activities create a sense of belonging.

What we want to pass on to other teams is to help colleagues not only on a professional level, but also to be there for each other on a personal level. Every month, for example, we have a meeting where we reflect on how everyone is doing. It can be difficult to choose a moment to share personal matters, but a fixed time every month ensures that you always have the chance to be open if something is bothering you. I think it's wonderful that there is room for this and it only strengthens our bond.’

With the Team Science Award, Radboud University wants to recognise the importance of teamwork in science. Read more about the Team Science Award.