Nationaal Onderwijslab AI
Nationaal Onderwijslab AI


Welcome to the National Education Lab AI. Here, teachers, school leaders, school administrators, teacher trainers and people from business work together with academics to improve the quality of primary and secondary education using smart technology.


Universitair docent Bernard van Gastel en projectleider van het PEP-team Joep Bos-Coenraad

The 5 focus areas of NOLAI

June is dedicated to the Month of AI in Education. This theme of AI is alive and well at Radboud University. On campus, you will find NOLAI: the national education lab for primary, secondary, and special education in the Netherlands.

Johan Jeuring en Serge Thill in gesprek over de technologie van AI in onderwijs op het NOLAI Event


We would like to invite you to end the school year together. Partners of NOLAI and interested parties from education, science and business are welcome on June 27, 2024 at Landgoed Brakkesteyn, for an inspiring meeting with NOLAI.

NOLAI teacher in residence, Kevin van der Pol

Kevin van der Pol on Working at NOLAI

Kevin van der Pol is a Dutch teacher and an ICT innovator. Since November 2022, Kevin has also been working as a Teacher in Residence (TiR) at NOLAI and is committed to the direct connection between educational practice and scientific research.

Getting started with AI in education

Samenwerken vraagt om een gedeelde taal

Reference Framework

Deploying AI can be done in many ways. What are we actually talking about? Read our Reference Framework.

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Prof. I. Molenaar (Inge)


NOLAI | Radboud Universiteit 
Erasmusplein 1 | 18th floor
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NWO grant for HySUCCESS consortium

HySUCCESS consortium launched to examine socio-economic aspects and implementation of hydrogen

Clone of Template Review Radboud Reflects (EN)

Samenvatting die getoond wordt in zoekresultaten in website RU. Uit aankondiging, vertaald!

Radboud Reflects @Zwarte Cross

Silence Through Music | Radboud Reflects @Zwarte Cross by psychologist and music scholar Krisna Adiasto and singer Cassandra Onck

How can music create silence? What exactly do we mean by this? And does it matter what music you listen to? Learn from psychologist and music scholar Krisna Adiasto of Radboud University.